Stargate SG-1: Redemption, Part 1

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Stargate Atlantis: Rodney McKay [ENTJ]

Te: Rodney thrives on provable facts. He doesn’t seek to question the established methods so much as to implement them. He’s good at organization and quick to take charge of his surroundings for the purpose of accomplishing something. He wants to deal with the facts first, so that he can come up with a workable solution to whatever disastrous situation they find themselves in. His logic is very grounded and not interested in theorizing so much as action.

Ni: He comes up with workable ideas based on the evidence in front of him. Rodney often has insight into when something is or isn’t going to work. He has a good sense of what “will be,” and tends to discredit any information without a basis in tangible reality (which puts him at odds with Sam, whenever they’re working together).

Se: His eagerness to take advantage of immediate opportunities sometimes backfires (he takes a ZPM back to Atlantis and puts children in danger from the Wraith, not an isolated incident). Rodney can focus on the “here and now,” both in his personal feelings and his surroundings.

Fi: Rodney often puts his own feelings ahead of those of other people; he looks to his own needs first, and can take things very personally.

My edit of this adorable screenshot.

My edit of this adorable screenshot.


In the twenty-two months that I’ve been assigned to Rodney McKay, there has never been a dull moment. Yeah, I can be that specific with the length of my servitude…twenty-two months, eleven days, and about fourteen hours since the bastard had first intentionally poisoned me. I am a little fuzzy on the number of minutes, thanks in part to not being able to see my watch with my hands tied above my head, but mainly because I’ve been fading in and out of consciousness thanks to the beating that Goa Jie’s henchman gave me before stringing me up.

Like I said, never a dull moment.


Never Say Never (I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together) Or Five Time John and Rodney Tried to Keep Secrets and One Time They No Longer Had To by Liketheriver (it’s a slashy sequel to gen story Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody But You)

Ironic, really, that the only person ever that publicly supported Rodney McKay is Samantha Carter. Not his friends (I’m using this term in the loosest sense possible, since the SGA writers were inconsistent about that through the show’s run), not his sister, not his girlfriend. Samantha Carter, of all people.

The most heartbreaking video ever made about SGA’s The Last Man.