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Scott: Nobody’s Batman and Robin any of the time.
Stiles: Not even some of the time?

A rich, revenge-driven mixed martial arts master who hangs out on rooftops. I finally get it.

Derek’s Batman not some of but most of the time.


Derek: No. I own the building.

Bruce Wayne: Oh, they should. I own the place.


Bonus round:

Stiles: You wanna play Catwoman?


Thank you to this.

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Derek Hale - season 4

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Tags: derek hale



teen wolf: ” … the fans read too much into the details,”

*has 5 person meeting about a leather jacket*


Jeff Davis: We were just hoping that you wouldn’t notice Malia’s complete lack of character development and the fact that she goes from child to coyote to high school student taking the PSATs and sharing a math class with supposed genius Lydia.

Show: What do you mean the props said that Malia was 13? Shhhhh. Shhhh. Stop zooming in on things, you overthinkers. Here, have more slow mo and maybe another ten villains. Shhhhhhh. Flashy blood spray. Wasn’t that neat?

Show: Nah we wanted Lydia in a relationship with the hot new deputy so she’s 18 now even though she’s a genius, a junior in high school (?), and we made a huge deal about Allison feeling weird about turning 17 and being so much older than everyone else in her class. BUT ISN’T MARRISH ADORABLE???

Show: Oh my god stop freaking out about Eichen House and its irresponsible, disgusting portrayal of issues like mental health and suicide, this is a show about werewolves it’s not meant to be realistic.

Show: We LOVE gay people! Here’s a joke about not being gay! Here’s an entire scene set up to dismiss and make fun of the idea that Stiles might be bi! Danny’s a fan favorite? First we’ll joke about killing him off, then he’ll just disappear from the show completely without ever being mentioned again. But loook we gave you a new gay character who can hang out in the background and make occasional snarky comments and be best friends with the new pretty white boy. Why aren’t you happy?

Show: This season’s going to be about girl power. Lydia, Malia, and Kira are going to be BEST FRIENDS. They’re going to be badass and bond with each other. HAHAHA no just kidding it’s more fun when they hook up with guys and don’t experience character development on their own. Hang on, calm down, Lydia will get there, we just had to age her up first, remember? Don’t you want her to be happy? (Hint: that’s only possible with a man in her life.)

SHOW: Hmmm, you liked Braeden when she was the mysterious, possible druid who saved Isaac’s life? Okay, we’ll bring her back. We’ll give her weapons and some leather and make her extra badass and cool. And theeeen since you responded to that glimpse, we’ll strip her down to her underwear and have her spend all her time in bed with Derek instead of doing her job or having any real relevance to the action. Also, those powers that allowed her to brand the bank’s logo onto Allison’s and Lydia’s arms? Ummm….we forgot about that? Sorry.

Jeff Davis: But wait, does Kira look sexier in the jacket or out of the jacket when she’s making out with The Teen Wolf? Let’s talk about this and also take some photographs talking about it so we can look thoughtful and attentive to detail.

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Things Jeff Davis and his team should spend time discussing (an excerpt):

  • What is our timeline?
  • How old are our characters?
  • How did Cora survive the fire, how did she get to South America and with whom did she stay there?
  • Why does Derek survive being nearly ripped to shreds by Peter in 1x06 but being shallowly impaled by Derek’s claws kills Boyd in3x07? What can and can’t kill a werewolf?
  • Does is make sense for this character in this particular situation to act this way?
  • How can we make it believeable that Malia would attend High School with the other characters despite living in the woods for eight years?
  • Where is Malia’s (adoptive) father? How would she react towards him upon finding out he isn’t her real father?
  • If it’s a hitlist instead of a deadpool, shouldn’t we actually call it a hitlist to avoid confusion, even if it sounds less cool?
  • How can certain characters simply walk out of a mental institution?
  • How can we explain that a character who committed mass murder in a hospital while being filmed by multiple security cameras isn’t in prison?
  • Why was Braeden with Satomi’s pack? Who shot her, and why? Where did her (nearly fatal) gunshot wound disappear to?
  • How is Melissa allowed to do this when she’s only a nurse?
  • How does Meredith control the printers?
  • Also how did she programme the computer hidden behind a wall when she a) didn’t have the key and b) no access to the computer?
  • Where did the berserkers come from? How does Kate control them?
  • How did Kate know how to deage Derek?
  • How did Meredith know that Kate would use Derek to break into the vault? How did she know when Derek wasn’t a supernatural being anymore?
  • Why did deaging Derek make him lose his powers, and why did dying turn him into a full wolf?
  • How did Meredith manage to control Brunski?
  • Why would Meredith listen to Peter’s rantings and believe he would build a world that’s safer for humans when all he talked about was creating a stronger supernatural species?
  • Is it really necessary for the plot to have two teenagers hook up in the dirty basement of a mental asylum without protection?
  • Where did various characters disappear to and how do we explain their absence (Danny, Isaac, Ms Morrell)?
  • What are the powers of Kira, Lydia, the emissaries etc.?
  • Why is Kate a werejaguar?
  • How does a fox make physical manifestations of its tails?
  • Does it make sense to suddenly have a supernatural ward in Eichen House when its existence has never come up in previous seasons even though it would have presented a viable option to retain supernatural criminals?
  • What did the alpha pack really want to do with the power they amassed?
  • Do we really need to fridge another female character for Derek Hale’s tragic backstory?
  • Why is Peter suddenly growing stronger again?
  • Do we really need to add this many new characters, especially villains?
  • Should we scrap this slo mo fight scene for a character driven one?
  • Why would the nogitsune leave a voicemail on Allison’s phone, and how was it suddenly turned off when she didn’t do it?
  • Do we really need to include this heavily romanticised dub-con sex scene?
  • How can we make sure to show the audience the characters are still grieving the loss of their loved ones other than a few sad looks and one line in the finale?
  • If Scott lived with his father pre season 1, how can we work out a believable storyline for their estrangement in season 3b? Why did Scott move to his mother?
  • Why would Jennifer try to get the werewolves to committ suicide in Motel California when they don’t fit into any of the categories she needs for her sacrifices?
  • How do we deal with the emotional fallout of certain scenes, like Scott trying to kill himself, or making creepy advances towards Allison while possessed?
  • Are our characters distinguishable and unique instead of cardboard cutouts of recycled tropes (especially women, POCs and LGBT characters)?
  • Should we really include this plot line when it is dropped in the next episode and not mentioned again, or rather spend the time on something more important?
  • Does this plot really make sense?
  • No, ask again. Really? Are you sure?

Things Jeff Davis and his team spend a lot of time discussing:

  • Does the date not look romantic enough if Kira keeps wearing her leather jacket that she’ll need later in the fight?

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Tyler Hoechlin at Wolf Moon Con


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even when close to death your teeth game is still strong 

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Killing a Berserker is next to impossible… Not just the fire power, it’s breaking the animal spirit from the human…

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Stargate SG-1: Redemption, Part 1


MVP of this season = Derek Hale’s inspired wardrobe of purple magenta heliotrope amethyst mauve mulberry lilac violet shirts

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